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Insights into the Hotsy Totsy

Do you feel like getting to know us?
Then please feel free to make an individual appointment at our facility and the staff on site look forward to your visit.

Registration and waiting area

Welcome to our registration and waiting area, also called "elephant". Here you can register and if you still have some time until your appointment, there is a waiting area with a play corner and changing table.

(first floor, room 0.08b)

Course room

In our course room, also called "Hummel" , you can take advantage of the most diverse courses for children and parents, as well as individual treatments in the field of physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.

(first floor, room 0.02)

Climbing room

In our climbing room "Monkey" we offer the children to discover, learn and strengthen their climbing skills.

(first floor, room 0.04)

Speech therapy/trampoline room

This is where our children bounce their way to linguistic success. The kangaroo room is mainly used for individual speech therapy.

(first floor, room 0.07)


Here the children find peace and relaxation. They can shed their armor and freely develop their personality.

(2 floor, room 2.09)

Occupational Therapy

In order to intensively promote the areas of perception and motor skills, a ropeway and various swings are available in the motor skills room.

(2 floor, room 2.01)

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