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Physiotherapy focuses primarily on the holistic treatment of the body in order to develop, maintain or restore its physiological, i.e. natural, processes.

Occupational therapy/motopedics for children and adolescents

Occupational therapists support and accompany people of all ages. In our work with children and adolescents, we accompany children and adolescents with their family members who have not yet been able to develop their full potential in terms of their everyday ability to act, independence and autonomy.

Occupational therapy for adults and seniors

In addition to pediatrics, we also treat adults and seniors from the specialties of neurology, orthopedics, surgery, rheumatology and geriatrics. For this purpose, trained specialists who have undergone further training are available for our patients.

Speech therapy

Communication is a basic human need. Contact between people is established through language. The central importance of language for all of our lives usually only becomes clear when elementary functions such as speaking and hearing are impaired.

Language diversity

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