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Speech therapy

Communication is a basic human need. Contact between people is established through language. The central importance of language for all of our lives usually only becomes clear when elementary functions such as speaking and hearing are impaired.

About the offer

Speech therapy treats problems of the voice, speech and language. This medical-therapeutic specialty deals with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders in these areas. The aim is to improve or restore the ability to communicate of those affected. It is important to us to address individual needs and strengths and to work holistically and goal-oriented.

We are also available for the therapy of adult patients.

  • Babies and toddlers with swallowing and feeding disorders
  • Children with early childhood language disorders or language development disorders
  • Children and adolescents with speech fluency disorders, such as stuttering or poluttering
  • Children with auditory processing and perception disorders
  • Children with disorders of orofacial balance and myofunctional disorders.
  • Therapy of children with voice disorders

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